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Coconut Oil Benefits!!

Posted on September 28, 2018 at 7:45 PM

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Do you know the benefits of coconut oil? If I had to guess I bet you probably don’t and that is why I am writing this blog post. First, let’s talk about the right kind of coconut oil you should be using. There are two main types of coconut oil; refined & unrefined. While there are still health benefits to both be sure to choose the UNREFINED jar. (I personally like the organic unrefined oil from Aldi.) I don’t want to bore you with the differences of each because that isn’t the purpose of this post but don’t worry if you get to the store and chose the wrong jar there are still benefits to both.


I first started using coconut oil when I started CrossFit in 2011 and was interested in fueling my body the best way I could for athletic performance & recovery. Not knowing how to cook except via directions from a box I subscribed to the Paleo Plan online for six months. Wow, were my eyes opened! Certainly was a new chapter for me and a damn good one at that.

Today I use coconut oil daily but not just for cooking. I use coconut oil for my face with a few drops of lavender or cedarwood depending on the time of day. (Lavender is best for sleep.) Adding coconut oil to your coffee in the mornings not only makes your coffee taste great but it changes your brain chemistry and channels the micronutrients to prevent mental fatigue.


I also like to blend coconut oil with essential oils like peppermint & lavender with epsom salt after a hard day of training. This will help with muscle recovery and leave your skin feeling hydrated instead of dry from the hot soak.


There are many other nutritional benefits of coconut oil I haven’t discussed here but these are just a few uses I like to incorporate into my daily routine. Coconut oil is a healthy macronutrient that everyone needs to get on board with. So what are you waiting for? Go grab a jar and get to work! As always, I hope this post helped create some inspiration to living a healthier happier lifestyle!




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